Do you struggle with your weight? Or with staying away from processed foods, or kids snacks, or sugar and alcohol? Is your skin or stomach off and you cant figure out why? Do you feel bloated or tired and can’t figure out what’s dragging you down? Do you long to know how to make simple, quick, healthy meals? Or do you wonder what your food choices are doing to your insides and want to learn more about eating organically, sustainably and gain more knowledge?

Whatever the reason, a personally designed health coaching program with me will give you tools to habit shift to make better choices, knowledge to understand foods and their nutritional powers, inspiration to try a new path, and support to reach goals that are created specifically for you.

Doctors see you for five minutes and give you pills, and diet fads don’t work. Prioritize your health to find a sustainable way to be a healthier version of you.

Programs can include a combination of personal training and health coaching or can concentrate only on one. 

We can meet in person or skype. Each session we will build on the weeks prior with new goals, scientific food information, reflection and tools. Programs are typically 3 months- 6 months depending on what your needs are.


“Best trainer and health coach ever! When it comes to Katia's knowledge from nutrition to working out - Katia Herman is the absolute tops. She is educated, trained and loves what she does. Since meeting her I have lost 20 lbs, my body is so much stronger and I did a 5 week nutrition course with her that changed my life for the better - forever. I personally love too that her workouts are never the same each time you go. Katia keeps it super fun and interesting so class never gets old. And even though she may be one of the sweetest gals you will ever meet - she is no joke...if she says 10 push ups - 8 will not do! She is serious which is why she is the best. You leave respecting her and yourself. Worth every sweaty minute!!!! “- Laura Ponce