Three ways to work with me to take care of your body:


Exercise has been found to enhance and eleviate depression and boost seratonin levels as much as medication can. Not only will you be taking care of your heart and waste size when you move more, but you’ll be taking care of your mood when you learn to incorporate exercise into your life in a way that is sustainable.

Maybe you have just had a baby, or maybe you had kids a few years ago and never have been able to get back in the swing of it. Maybe you’re an athlete looking for a change and challenge, or maybe you want an hour to work hard one-on-one with someone. Whatever the reason, I love to connect and inspire all women, in all stages of their lives, to use their body in beneficial ways that feels right for them.

We can work on strength training, boxing, yoga, core work, HIIT or more stretching and flexibility. The end result is customized, full body workouts that can differ each session, which you enjoy, because they are designed just for you.

If you'd also like to use your time with me to talk about food while you sweat, let’s do it. We can create a personalized wellness plan incorporating exercise and nutrition so you can optimize your time and create a solid path to well rounded health.

Different programs are available from one time personal training sessions to 6 month physical & nutritional coaching programs designed specifically for you and your needs


Katia completely transformed my body! I started working out with her after my fourth child was born. Within weeks,  I had improved mental clarity, mindfulness, and more energy because of her comprehensive approach.  She accommodated my schedule by meeting me on weekends, early in the morning, and in the evenings after my kids went to sleep.  Her workouts are fun, always different, and extremely challenging.  As an added bonus, I met other likeminded women in her group classes who became a valuable part of my community. " -Leah Reimer, Anesthesiologist



 Women's Full Body Conditioning Classes:

MONDAYS AND FRIDAYS- Southstreet Seaport Classes 8:30 AM

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS- Seward Park Lower East Side 9:00 AM

LADIES! come workout with a group of supportive, enthusiastic women who are all at different levels of fitness looking to sweat and connect. Everyone is welcome- classes are different each week and include cardio, mat& core work, boxing, tabata, resistance training and HIIT. They are always challenging and never boring. FIRST CLASS IS FREE!

PS. If these class times dont work for you, find a friend or partner or a few friends and start your own group! I am always happy to train small groups or pairs- it’s awesome to work out in numbers and with people to connect while you sweat :)



Being a mother of 4 with 3 adolescent teen/pre-teen kids, and familiar first hand with ADHD, I know how transitional a time adolescence can be for kids and parents. I truly love to working with this age group, and find that one-on one physical exercise and/or health coaching can be helpful for adolescents in so many ways.

I find that my younger clients benefit greatly from having someone to be their personal coach- help them with body image, help them navigate eating and food choices, and be a pioneer for their well being who is non-judging and 100% supportive.

Your child may want training sessions to help with flexibility, strength, endurance, weight loss, food choices or just time to sweat and get out energy and talk to someone who is supportive and experiences with kids. Let’s talk about what will benefit your child!